Jolibeau’s Travel

I’ve ve been contacted to fix the problems of the audio recorded by the cameras, to take care of the editing and to make the final mix and the master of the entire audio column National Geographic ITA: BBC ENG: SMART FACTORY con il supporto di Piemonte DOC FILM FUND Co-Produzione A.P.R.I. […]

Le Coup du Lapin

In this short I made, for fun, the whole audio column: I composed the music, created the effects and recorded the sounds, created and worked on the voices and the verses of the animals and created the mix and the master. Original Animation by

New Architecture

I started working on the music that describes the video inert to realize the descriptive sound design of this video on architecture. The intro is old and ruined to then turn into something new and alive during the evolution of the video. The video was made by architect Renato Arrigo

In this project I created the audio effects and edited the mix of effects, music and voice over. The video was created by Ronal Mirabile